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"I think I'm very well-adjusted." -M. S. (Mike)

Mike is not only my Cookie Buddy (mmmm) he is also my KoolAid buddy...both of which are mentioned in more detail in my crisis page. That's right, we like to share our sugar highs...or wait, maybe I'm the only one who gets sugar high. Mike is from Skokie, Illinois and has three brothers and sisters, one of which is his twin. He plays cello (worships Andy's cello) and likes Shostakovich, Schoenberg, and Crumb. All of which I hope I came close to spelling correctly. However, do not subject Mike to Mozart, Beethoven, or Wagner. It is most unpleasant. You can find out all about him at Mike's Mike Page! You can also begin any interesting conversation or argument with Mike by writing him at