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Hey guys! I found a website, where you can make little people. I couldn't stop playing with it, so I made mini-versions of all of us and then copied them into Paint and altered them to make them more accurate. So if you ever wanted a tiny version of yourself, here it is! Or, you can go try it yourself and see what you get ;) If you want different clothes or hair I can change them for you!

Try to guess who is who! The people are me, Damon, Uma, Jen, Laura, Mary, Mike, and Andy.

That done, I think we should work on a fun site for ourselves along the lines of the old 339 Breckinridge site...with stories and stuff. I could make it so any of us can go in and add or change text on our own. Let me know what you think. And if you want me to make any other little people, because it's fun ;)

Much love Cami