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The International Cloud Blankie Admiration Society (ICBAS) has been created as a forum for the discussion and enjoyment of the Cloud Blankie. Its members have each gained a true appreciation for the Cloud and expressed said appreciation through words and actions.


Full appreciation of the Cloud Blankie was not gained for the first four quarters of its residence in Breckinridge House. We are still not sure is subject to much debate. The Cloud stayed in the room of Andrew C. Kim, its owner, and got little recognition from the residents of Breckinridge House. One day, the sudden realization of the Cloud Blankie's greatness swept through the mind of one Camilla C. Neppl as she suffered, cold and tired, through her usual sequence of Wednesday morning classes. She imagined how wonderful that Cloud Blankie would feel if only she could have it right then, keeping her warm, and providing a soft surface for her comfort instead of the harsh discussion room chairs. The Blankie haunted her until her return to Breckinridge in the late afternoon. She came home to Room 339, dropped off her stuff, and then went down to Breckinridge 248, which at the time housed the Cloud. The Cloud's owner was not available, so Cami took the Cloud up to her room...a hulking white down-filled blanket with a pure white cover. She took a nap and the Cloud stayed in her room for a while. Cami gained such an attachment to the Cloud that it moved into Room 339 permanently, and its owner used some of Cami's other blankets to stay warm. Visitors to Room 339 sat on Cami's bed and began their own happy relationships with the soft Cloud. Soon the Cloud Blankie became such an icon that it created many near-wars among the people. The admiration of the Blankie has now reached a level at which we need a place to gather and express ourselves....this homepage.


To gain membership in the ICBAS, please direct an email to, the current founder and president of the society. Make a statement which gives your reason for admiring the Cloud Blankie. These statements will be posted here on the ICBAS home page. There are no fees.


"The Cloud Blankie has been my salvation after many a long day of classes and work. I believe it has theraputic qualities which have yet to be tapped by the medical industry. It is a beauty to look upon and a wonderful addition to any room. It is the only blanket I need at night to keep warm. There is nothing in the world like the Cloud Blankie." - C. Neppl, President. *** "The Cloud Blankie is...amazing. Many a nap has been warmed and enriched by its presence, and many an argument has arisen over its possession. Everyone should have a Cloud Blankie to call their own, but in the event that this is not economically feasible, those of you who possess the coveted object...promote world peace and share the joy of the Cloud." - J. Westerfeld, Vice President. *** "It's the Cloud Blankie...what can I say?" - U. Gunasekaran, Secretary.