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"We're all kind of funny, aren't we." -A. C. K. (Andy)

Andy is an interesting boy, who is cute and single for all you ladies out there. (Used to be mine, but he is more of a person who likes to wander alone and I'm more of a person who likes to wander with one other person and it was a minor problem.) He is from Belleville, Illinois but always says he's from St. Louis. He listens to Frente!, unfortunately, but if I can forgive him for this so can you. He also has a strange obsession for remakes of popular songs, examples of this including "Like A Prayer", "Helter Skelter", "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You", "Bizarre Love Triangle", and "Romeo and Juliet". Andy's majors sort of include physics, anthropology, and economics. He likes to play with fire, but loves cold weather. Actually he loves all weather. He also loves climbing, on rocks, walls, or anything else he can scale, such as the pillars in front of Breckinridge. He also is constantly mistaken for other people, including another person named Andy on campus and a criminal at Six Flags. For a good game of Axis and Allies, call Andy long as he's not playing Tie Fighter. Andy's got his very own homepage, and you can speak with him directly at Warning: Mr. Kim has rather sporadic email habits.

Andy Links

The Twee Page
Sometimes Andy thinks he's a twee. He's not really though.
Manatee Junction
Andy likes manatees. And why not? They're sooo cute..